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My name is Sarah I'm 26 years old .I'am a qualified massage therapist ITEC level 4 well trained and well skilled in Swedish massage ,deep tissue massage head massage ,and reflexology,I have 4 years work experience.I believe in quality Service, Attention to Detail,relaxation at its best. I do work from home in a very clean, warm ,cosy room,with a nice selection of relaxing music all my massages performed on a massage table,fresh towels and shower facilities available before and after the massage session.. I'am available for out call if you are in a hotel room only ,zone 1&2 london Would you like to escape every day stress ? get in touch massage could help! Ladies and gentlemen are welcome.

Body Kneads Services

Swedish massage

It is a very relaxing massages involves soft,long kneading strokes as well as light.oil will be applied with effleurage strokes using the palm of my hands to warm up the muscles tissue relaxes the body,calm the nerves,improve the blood circulation and heart function.
This massage is a combination of techniques including joints movements,and beside it physical benefits Swedish massage has a great mental benefits ,decreases stress,depression,anxiety and irritation...

Deep tissue massage

What to expect?
My Deep tissue massage designed to release those deep painful muscle knots,and restore muscles elasticity.
The strokes are applied are very deep and strong using my thumb,knuckles,forearms elbows to tone the muscles ,alleviate the pain,muscle spasm and tightness,release the toxins from your muscles.
You may feel a bit discomfort and soreness during or after the massage,but this will ease the following day and leave you feeling relaxed and a lot more mobile.

Head massage

What to expect? Is a real treat not a simple one,the benefits are really rather crucial and can assist with various physicals and emotional problems and concerns ,it helps prevent headaches,migraines,and upper back pain,depression and anxiety .its also improve sleep,renew energy levels and boosts memory capability.
This massage can be included in all other massages if requested by the client.


If you choose to have only your feet to be massaged,you will lie or set down remaining fully clothed except of your shoes and socks.
I will use so many techniques and include all the points on both feet each one at the time.
The session starts at the toes work down to the heel of the foot ,then work the areas on the sides and top applying light to medium pressure .


Prices for in call

£60 for 60min
£90 for 90min
£130 for 2hours

Prices for out call

£70for 60min
£110 for 90 min
£150 for 2hours
This price include all type of massages

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